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Furnishing Solutions for the Home

General Advice for buying Furniture.

Make a plan...
Take measurements of your room. The shape of the room and its features, such as fireplaces, will dictate whether the room is better suited to two or more sofas, a three piece suite or a collection of chairs.Paper templates placed on the floor are very useful in planning the size of the furniture. Remember that designs with large or splayed arms should be avoided in smaller rooms. Instead choose a style that has dainty arms so that you can maximise the useable seating area.

Access considerations
One of the most important aspects to consider before settling on a style or size is the access to the room, both internally and through the front door. It is no good falling in love with a chunky armed chesterfield if your quaint Tudor cottage with narrow doors and odd nooks and crannies will not allow your sofa safe passage through the porch! If access is a particular problem then you may have to consider having the furniture made with removeable bolt on arms or in two halves.

This is very personal but it is generally considered that the high backed designs that provide the best shoulder and lumber support. The low backed fully upholstered furniture may look fantastically stylish but will not offer the comfort afforded by the high cushion back designs.

Cushion options
All being individual, one persons soft sumptuous sofa is anothers soggy seating nightmare, and for this reason we offer a flexible choice of cushion interiors.

A great tip...
Be careful not to overcrowd your room, but don't forget to include footstools, not just for putting your feet up, they also are a handy place to put your tray!