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Quality Guide

How to buy Quality Furniture

There are a number of indicators that you should look for when buying upholstered furniture that will give you clues as to the quality of the construction...

How substantial is the frame?
A well constructed piece of furniture is made of solid beech frames which will require some effort to lift. Beware of anything that feels lightweight.

When you sqeeze the arm, can you feel the wooden arm plate underneath the padding?
You should not be able to do this.

Lift up the seat cushions. When you run your hand over the seat platform can you feel the springs all too easily underneath?
Sounds like there is insufficient padding.

Is the spring platform cover of matching fabric or is it a cheap beige or black platform lining?
If a manufacturer is prepared to show you on the outside where he has economised what is missing on the inside that you can't see

Is the fabric adequately patterned matched?
Does the pattern match on each side of the arms, and does it carry on down to the valances? Badly matched fabric on top is often an indicator of poorly constructed furniture underneath.

If you lift up the valances is it possible to detect a visible line of staples fixing the valance in position?
On less well made upholstery this is generally the case.

Is the furniture supplied with matching scatter cushions and arm sleeves, or are these charged as extras?
Our own furniture is offered with matching scatter cushions and armsleeves.