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Cushion Fillings

Made to Measure Frames

Understanding that the final comfort is very personal we offer a wide variety of cushion interiors to enable you to customise the feel of the furniture to your own preference.

Seat Cushions

Duck Feather - Inclusive
One of the most sumptuous cushion options available - there is nothing quite like sinking into a feather cushion. However, they are one of the most high maintenance options as they require daily plumping to keep their shape and comfort. If you like a more formal look with minimal dressing out then feathers are not for you!

Foam - Inclusive
This option is more formal in its finished look and comes in different densities to provide a soft, medium or firm sit.

Foam and Duck Wrap - Additional £45 per seat
A combination cushion with the priciple part of the cushion being a foam core which is inserted into a seperate duvet of duck feathers. Not as regimental as foam and not as high maintenance as feather..

Foam and Fibre Jacket - Additional £45 per seat
Another combination cushion but this duvet is fibre filled. Ideal for those with a feather allergy who prefer a more domed seat than foam on its own affords.

85% Duck and 15% Down - Additional £80 per seat
The addition of down to feather cushions gives a more luxurious feel and helps to improve the return of the cushion to its shape. Reqular plumping is still required.

Back Cushions

Duck Feather - Inclusive
A very popular option for its comfort and cosseting. They do require plumping to maintain their shape.

Fibre - Inclusive
A polyester alternative to feather cushions, ideal for those with a feather allergy. Fibre maintains its shape extremely well.

85% Duck and 15% Down - Additional £55 per back
Adding down to a duck back cushion provides supreme comfort and helps the cushion to retain its shape.